🧼 Soap


Bathing, Washing Soap, Detergent, Cleansing, Lather Up, Slippery, Soapy, Skincare

🧼 Meaning: A rectangular green soap with a couple of soapy bubbles on and around the soap. The 🧼 Soap emoji represents a bar of soap/detergent used for bathing and washing. It symbolizes cleanliness, cleansing and the fact that something can be slippery or soapy!

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How and When to Use the 🧼 Soap Emoji

  • While texting someone about a slippery situation, one that’s quite difficult to stabilize on, use 🧼. Like, “This one’s a slippery slope, I’m telling ya 🧼” or “How do you expect me to fall for someone who’s so unstable all the time! 🧼”.
  • Not just bathing 🧼 may be used to indicate the need of the hour in any matter; cleansing. For example, “Ugh. Wash your filthy mouth! 🧼” or “You really need to cleanse your perspective, man 🧼”.
  • If you’re describing agitation in a post caption or responding to an agitating conversation or subject of conversation, you may use 🧼.
  • Speaking of “washing one’s mouth”, 🧼 could be brought into sarcastic contexts of mockery as well. For instance, “Oh. I’m sorry. Did I hurt your fragile ego? I’mma wash my mouth for it! 🧼”.
  • If you’re sharing informative content on bathing; bath bombs, bathing routines, bathing essentials, and soaps (indeed) use 🧼 in the caption.

Other Names

  • 🧼 Bar of Soap
  • 🧼 Bathing Soap
  • 🧼 Hand Wash Soap
  • 🧼 Green Soap
  • 🧼 Detergent
  • 🧼 Washing Soap
  • 🧼 Lather