🧷 Safety Pin


Pin, Fastening, Clip, Hold, Clamp, Pin Together, Clothing Pins, Fashion

🧷 Meaning: A closed safety pin, greyish in color, described with a loop at the bottom and a pressable locking system at the top. Sometimes, this emoji showcases an open safety pin.

The 🧷 Safety Pin emoji represents the tiny pin or clip that comes in handy while fastening fabric. Apart from the everyday usage of a safety pin, this emoji would also suggest a fashion statement.

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How and When to Use the 🧷 Safety Pin Emoji

  • Safety pins hold things together. If not rigidly, a little freely. If you’re referring to something or someone who fits this description, use 🧷. For example, “He’s the kind to hold me whilst giving me the space to hold myself 🧷”.
  • Many clothes, such as sarees, are wearable only with a couple of safety pins to stabilize the style. So, if you’re sharing anything related to such clothing, you may add 🧷 into the context.
  • 🧷 is a must while posting or reposting safety pin fashion.
  • Safety pins that are left open are minimally hazardous. And, so. If you happen to describe something or someone who’s like this, feel free to use 🧷. Like, “He doesn’t mean too much harm when he opens up about himself 🧷”.
  • Politically, 🧷 symbolizes resistance and solidarity. If you’re indicating this political use-case in any framework, use this emoji.

Other Names

  • 🧷 Pin
  • 🧷 Fastening Pin
  • 🧷 Clip
  • 🧷 Buckle
  • 🧷 Grip
  • 🧷 Saree Pin