🪟 Window


Perspective, Outlook, Opportunity, Viewpoint, Ventilation, Lighting

🪟 Meaning: A two-partitioned window with a wooden frame and a transparent glass. On most platforms, this emoji is designed with four partitions, with frames of different colours and materials.

The 🪟 Window emoji represents a necessary source of ventilation, light, and the overall design for a building or a room. Metaphorically and maybe even philosophically, it could signify opportunities and perspectives.

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How and When to Use the 🪟 Window Emoji

  • If you’re asking someone to clear their perspective, you can use 🪟. For example, “It’s wiser to clean your windows than to expect the outside to look clean 🪟”.
  • Similarly, use 🪟 while talking about perspectives in any context; a picture caption, a text message, a comment on a post, etc. For instance, “Each of us is entitled to our own opinions and perspectives. Just like we don’t borrow windows, we don’t borrow outlooks either 🪟”.
  • If you’re widening someone’s awareness towards an opportunity, 🪟 is your magical emoji. Yes! A window of opportunity, indeed! Like, “It may be a small opening, but it’s a huge window of opportunity for your career 🪟”.
  • Another example of using 🪟 in a suitable context would be the famous “When one door closes, another opens. Sometimes it’s a door and sometimes a window. Your job is to identify your chance 🪟”.

Other Names

  • 🪟 Casement
  • 🪟 Opening
  • 🪟 Aperture
  • 🪟 Wooden Framed Window
  • 🪟 Window of Opportunity
  • 🪟 Window to the World
  • 🪟 Window to Oneself
  • 🪟 Clean Windows
  • 🪟 Tainted Windows

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