🧻 Roll of Paper


Tissue Roll, Wiping, Cleaning, Essentiality, Toiletry, Kitchen Towel Roll, Tears

🧻 Meaning: The side view of a cylindrical white roll of tissue paper. The described perspective of this emoji would vary across platforms. The 🧻 Roll of Paper emoji represents toilet paper or a toilet roll in other words. This emoji would signify toilet essentiality and user cleanliness.

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How and When to Use the 🧻 Roll of Paper Emoji

  • A toilet paper is used for cleaning after a big job. Metaphorically, if you’re referring to cleaning something ‘smelly, ‘wasteful’, something eliminatory, and maybe even forceful, you can use 🧻.
  • Examples for the previous point: “You’ll be the one wiping away all her dirty work, I’m warning ya 🧻”, “Man. Your mind is so filthy I’m surprised you don’t use one of these 🧻”, or “Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably shit 🧻”.
  • Since 🧻 is the only emoji available for ’tissue’, you can use it even while being considerate of someone’s feelings. Like, “There’s no use crying over him! Wipe those tears NOW 🧻” or “Here, buddy 🧻”.
  • Apart from the sole use-case in the bathroom, 🧻 may also represent a kitchen towel roll. So, while sharing content on cleaning one’s kitchen, kitchen wipes, etc, you can use this emoji.

Other Names

  • 🧻 Tissue Paper
  • 🧻 Tissue Roll
  • 🧻 Tissue Paper Roll
  • 🧻 Kitchen Towel Roll
  • 🧻 Loo Roll
  • 🧻 Loo Paper
  • 🧻 Toilet Tissue