🚻 Restroom


Unisex, Both, Inclusive, Male and Female, Public Bathroom, Common Area, General Toilet

🚻 Meaning: A greyish rounded square containing the paired icons of a 🚹 Man and a 🚹 Woman. The 🚻 Restroom emoji represents unisex facilities, in other words, a restroom usable by all irrespective of gender and sex. This emoji would have other implications of inclusivity.

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How and When to Use the 🚻 Restroom Emoji

  • If you’re suggesting that a newly opened/inaugurated space is
    “open to all”, bring in 🚻. For example, “Do drop by our new salon. We’re open for business starting tomorrow! 🚻.
  • Similarly, while indicating that something is for all or that something is unisex aka “wearable/usable by all”, use 🚻 – “The talk is open to all! 🚻, “All are welcome! 🚻”, or “Unisex baggy tees available here 🚻”.
  • Using 🚻 repeatedly would suggest a group, a community, or just a general way of coming together. For instance, “Let’s all come together, as one family to fight the climate crisis 🚻🚻🚻🚻”.
  • Setting patriarchy aside 🚻 would be the appropriate emoji to use in the context of inclusion, unlike the Men’s Room symbol. So, the next time you share something about ‘individuality’, ‘finalists’, ‘people’, ‘person’, etc, use this emoji.

Other Names

  • 🚻 Unisex
  • 🚻 Male and Female Restroom
  • 🚻 Bathroom Sign
  • 🚻 Toilet Sign
  • 🚻 Male and Female
  • 🚻 Public Bathroom
  • 🚻 Common Toilet