🚾 Water Closet


Flush Toilet, Toilet Facility, Commode, Bathroom, Initials, Symbolism

🚾 Meaning: A blue squared emoji, rounded at the corners, containing the capital letters, ‘W’ and ‘C’ in white. The 🚾 Water Closet emoji refers to a toilet containing a commode. It acts as an alternative for the 🚽 Toilet.

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How and When to Use the 🚾 Water Closet Emoji

  • Aesthetic bathroom photography, bathroom hacks, bathroom revamping styles and ways, and all such creative bathroom-related content could use 🚾.
  • Since the commode or toilet emoji is a little too “out there”, 🚾 would be a subtler way of indicating the availability of a flush toilet.
  • So, while suggesting that a particular place or event offers the facilities of a commode or a flush toilet, you may add 🚾. However, to make things clearer, you could include the commode as well.
  • Based on the letters printed onto 🚾, this emoji is generally used to refer to anything that has the initials of ‘W’ and ‘C’. Although it’s not wrong, it wouldn’t be interpreted in the right way if the reader knows what ‘WC’ stands for.

Other Names

  • 🚾 Flush Toilet
  • 🚾 Commode Facility
  • 🚾 Availability of a Flush Toilet
  • 🚾 Toilet WC
  • 🚾 WC
  • 🚾 Water Closet Symbol
  • 🚾 Powder Room
  • 🚾 Lavatory