🌫️ Fog


Unclear, Foggy, Covered, Blur, Smog, Smoke, Barrier, Misty Weather, No Clarity

🌫️ Meaning: A squared depiction of fog against a white sky or any other background (not visible), while there’s a greyish and white dispersion of gases or clouds throughout the emoji.

The 🌫️ Fog emoji can represent foggy weather. But, it can also suggest a metaphorical sense of blurriness and lack of clarity too. Besides, it may also have a reference to smoke (same properties, different effect).

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How and When to Use the 🌫️ Fog Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone about how you’re not able to see through someone or something, you can use 🌫️. For example, “I just cannot see this through. It’s like our relationship is so foggy 🌫️”.
  • As mentioned in the previous section, fogginess can also suggest a lack of clarity. So, if you’re trying to clarify something with someone, you can use 🌫️. Like, “Sorry to bother you. But, WTF is the last text?! 🌫️”.
  • If the picture/video you’re sharing on your social media handle goes well with a caption/quote that resonates with fog, then please use 🌫️. For instance, “Sometimes we need the fog 🌫️ to remind us that life is not all black and white“.
  • If you’re advising someone to clear/clean their perspective about something or someone, either in a direct message (DM) or on the comments section, use 🌫️ – “I’m sorry, sir. But it seems like your glasses are fogged up 🌫️ Please wipe them, to see better :)”.

Other Names

  • 🌫️ Foggy Weather
  • 🌫️ Fog
  • 🌫️ Smog
  • 🌫️ Smoke
  • 🌫️ Mist
  • 🌫️ Haar
  • 🌫️ Murk
  • 🌫️ Haze