😶‍🌫 Face in Clouds


Forgetfulness, Absent-Minded, Illogical, Dreamy, Day Dreaming, Ambitious, Impractical

😶‍🌫 Meaning: A round yellow face with just a pair of black oval-shaped eyes visible while the rest of the face is covered in a white cloud. This emoji is a direct representation of the famous phrase; ‘head in the clouds‘.

Based on the idiom, the 😶‍🌫 Face in Clouds emoji signifies absent-mindedness, a sense of being illogical, whimsical, and fanciful in one’s ideas and principles about things around them.

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How and When to Use the 😶‍🌫 Face in Clouds Emoji

  • If you’re referring to someone who’s absent-minded or ‘lost’ most of the time, you can use 😶‍🌫. For instance, “Oh my god… this man is unbelievable. He doesn’t pay attention and ends up doing the exact opposite of what was asked! 😶‍🌫”.
  • If you’re known to be absent-minded, you can use 😶‍🌫 in your social media profile name.
  • Apart from being absent-minded, 😶‍🌫 also signifies a sense of being illogical. So, if you’re texting someone and they’re coming up with the most whimsical solutions, you can use this emoji in that context. Like, “Thank a lot, Ryan. You helped no one 😶‍🌫.
  • Having one’s head in the clouds doesn’t always signify adverse traits, because daydreaming is also a great way to be ambitious and have your head in the clouds indeed. So, 😶‍🌫 can also be used to refer to someone or something that’s ambitious, something that gives major ‘started from the bottom’ vibes.
  • 😶‍🌫 can also be used to signify forgetfulness. For example, “I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I’ve been forgetting so many things since morning! 😶‍🌫 Now I don’t know where my keys are! Ugh!
  • If you have an important paper tomorrow and you’re here trying to pay attention when all your brain wants is a distraction, you can use 😶‍🌫while texting someone about it.

Other Names

  • 😶‍🌫 Head in the Clouds
  • 😶‍🌫 Absent-Minded
  • 😶‍🌫 Forgetful
  • 😶‍🌫 Whimsical
  • 😶‍🌫 Fanciful
  • 😶‍🌫 Illogical
  • 😶‍🌫 Impractical
  • 😶‍🌫 Daydreaming
  • 😶‍🌫 Dreamy
  • 😶‍🌫 Distracted

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