🌁 Foggy


Cloudy, Clouded Thinking, Unclear, Indecipherable, Indecisive, Confused, Absent Minded

🌁 Meaning: A postcard description of a city skyline or a bridge posed against the blue sky but only with a visible upper portion as the rest if covered with a white blanket of thick mist.

The 🌁 Fog emoji refers to a foggy place, yes. But it can have other metaphorical interpretations too. This emoji can suggest a lack of direction, the inability to make decisions, or even a foggy situation where one cannot read social cues.

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How and When to Use the 🌁 Foggy Emoji

  • While texting your bestie that you cannot think straight because your priorities are fogged by unnecessary overthinking, you can use 🌁. For instance, “I can’t decide anything right now. Just give me this one night. My mind’s kinda fogged up by what happened at work 🌁”.
  • Similarly, 🌁 can be used to refer to any situation or conversation that was unclear, preoccupied, and foggy indeed.
  • If someone’s not paying attention to what you’re texting, you can use 🌁 in the response – like, “Yo. Wtf? Are you even reading what’s being sent? 🌁”.
  • Use 🌁 while telling someone to ‘clear their mind’ or ‘get some fresh air’.
  • Having a “foggy mind” or “clouded thinking” can have implications for mental disturbances and disorders too, which this emoji -🌁 does not refer to in any way. The only use cases here are in a casual context.

Other Names

  • 🌁 Fog
  • 🌁 Mist
  • 🌁 Clouds
  • 🌁 Cloudy
  • 🌁 Gloomy
  • 🌁 Fogged City
  • 🌁 Haze
  • 🌁 Gloom
  • 🌁 Haar