🌩️ Cloud With Lighting


Lightning, Bolt, Thunder, Chaos, Terror, Fearsome, Power, Destructive

🌩️ Meaning: A typical white, animated cloud with a yellow bolt sign, representing lightning emerging from the bottom. The 🌩️ Cloud With Lightning emoji represents thunderstorms and thunderous weather. It could also have metaphorical interpretations related to lightning.

Copy and paste this emoji β†’

How and When to Use the 🌩️ Cloud With Lightning Emoji

  • Lightning always has an association with speed (flash, for example). So, if you’re texting someone about a speedy situation, a fast conversation, a super quick person, anything to do with speed, use 🌩️. Like, β€œSheesh. He blocked me in no time. Here’s the flash in flesh πŸŒ©οΈβ€.
  • You may also use 🌩️ in the contexts of any lightning or speed related idioms.
  • If you’re sharing a news post about a lightning strike; either an actual fire incident cause by the lightning or an employee-strike that picked up by the moment with lightning speed, you can use 🌩️ in the caption.
  • Lightning also has a sense of power and terror attached to it. With that same perspective in mind, you can use 🌩️ while describing someone or something that fits this description perfectly or even while sharing something on social media about the same. For instance, β€œMore power to this terrific woman! πŸŒ©οΈβ€

Other Names

  • 🌩️ Lightning
  • 🌩️ Thunderstorm
  • 🌩️ Thunder and Lightning
  • 🌩️ Thunderous Weather
  • 🌩️ Cloud With Yellow Bolt Sign
  • 🌩️ Bolt
  • 🌩️ Firebolt
  • 🌩️ Fulmination