🌥️ Sun Behind Large Cloud


Mostly Cloudy, Gloomy, Little Sunshine, Heavy, Cloudy Weather

🌥️ Meaning: A large, white, and fluffed up cloud taking the center stage (center design, in this context), while there’s a tiny visible frame of the sun, with yellow triangular rays around the circumference of the center.

The 🌥️ Sun Behind Large Cloud signifies mostly cloudy weather. This emoji can also suggest a sense of gloominess of darkness taking over the otherwise bright and sunny weather, literally and metaphorically.

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How and When to Use the 🌥️ Sun Behind Large Cloud Emoji

  • While ranting to someone about how there was brilliant sunshine for 10 minutes in the morning and then heavy clouds and rains for the next 20 hours, use 🌥️.
  • If you feel like you just don’t have it in yourself to be the light and you’re messaging someone close about it or sharing a social media post/story of the same, you can use 🌥️. Like, “It’s okay, to let the clouds consume you sometimes 🌥️ It’s okay not to force yourself to be the light when you can’t see any” (yeah, the weather and emotions are a great pair).
  • In the same light (aha! irony), you can also use 🌥️ while advising your buddy or reassuring someone that its okay to feel the way they are feeling. For instance, “You’re glum today? Guess what? It’s absolutely fine. You don’t need to force a smile when you’re not happy 🌥️”.
  • Apart from just happy and glum, a cloud can also suggest a sense of heaviness. So, you can use 🌥️ to show that you’re feeling heavier than light (in your mind, heart, tummy, anything).

Other Names

  • 🌥️ Large Cloud With a Small Sun
  • 🌥️ Tiny Sun Behind a Big Cloud
  • 🌥️ Mostly Cloudy
  • 🌥️ Less Sunshine
  • 🌥️ White Sun Behind Cloud
  • 🌥️ Sun Peeking Behind a Big Cloud