💎 Gem Stone


Preciousness, Valuable, Jewel, Purity, Exquisiteness, Crystals, Jewelry

💎 Meaning: A typical blue-tinted diamond with a pointy bottom and a chiseled surface. Although the 💎 Gem Stone showcases a diamond, it represents all precious stones and crystals. This emoji signifies value, preciousness, purity, birthstones, and the benefits of crystals too.

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How and When to Use the 💎 Gem Stone Emoji

  • If you’re referring to a person who’s worth it or someone who’s pure in all possible ways (humanly, of course), you could use 💎 to describe them. For example, “He’s totally a gem of a person 💎 Don’t lose him”.
  • If you’re sharing posts or reposts on crystal jewelry, gemstones, or just (un)cut precious stones that have a variety of benefits (or not), use 💎.
  • 💎 could also represent a ‘jewel’, which is directly proportional to superlative adjectives of importance and value. For instance, “You need to make yourself the jewel you’ve been after all this while 💎”.
  • Coming to the spontaneous representation of 💎. If your post caption has the word or the characteristics of a diamond in it, do use this emoji. Like, “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure 💎”.
  • Similarly, you may use 💎 while referring to diamond jewelry or just the shape of the gem as well.

Other Names

  • 💎 Diamond
  • 💎 Precious Stone
  • 💎 Gem
  • 💎 Jewel
  • 💎 Gemstone
  • 💎 Valuable
  • 💎 Jewelry Stone