🦐 Shrimp


Shrimp Meat, Marine Food, Short Stature, Incompleteness, Seafood

🦐 Meaning: A curved shrimp with a reddish-orange outer shell, a pair of black eyes at one of the ends, two long antennas, and a couple of shorter walking legs and a few smaller swimming legs at the lower half.

The 🦐 Shrimp emoji signifies seafood and an independent marine creature too. However, other significances would be small stature and maybe even a sense of being incomplete in some way.

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How and When to Use the 🦐 Shrimp Emoji

  • If you’re referring to someone who’s short, then you can use 🦐 (given that the other person is okay and mutually offensive too).
  • Besides, if you’re feeling incomplete in your life lately, then you can use 🦐 to emote that expression. For instance, “Man, I so need a puppy. Life feels so insufficient and lacking 🦐”.
  • If you’re inviting someone over for a seafood marathon or even an exclusively-seafood lunch, etc (and shrimp is deffo going to be there), then you can use 🦐 in such invites.
  • While sharing some delicious shrimp pictures or videos either from your own cooking scenes or as a repost, you can use 🦐 in the captions.
  • In case you’re posting or reposting something that doesn’t have 🍤 Fried Shrimp in it, you can always use 🦐 to indicate shrimp and a variant of the dish.

Other Names

  • 🦐 Prawn
  • 🦐 Raw Shrimp
  • 🦐 Shrimp Meat
  • 🦐 Caridean Shrimp
  • 🦐 Decapod Crustacean
  • 🦐 Giant Freshwater Shrimp
  • 🦐 Pink Shrimp
  • 🦐 Cherry Shrimp