🦈 Shark


Danger, Predatory, Deep Blue Sea, Attacker, Sharking, Baby Shark Doo Doo, Intimidation, Big Pointy Teeth

🦈 Meaning: A full-length profile of a shark with a sharp dorsal fin on top of its body, a pair of pectoral fins on the sides, and a wide caudal fin at the edge of its tail. The face has two black eyes and a slightly open mouth.

The 🦈 Shark emoji refers to the grey reef shark, but it can be used to indicate other species as well. This emoji signifies danger, predation, aggression, nocturnal nature of hunting, and a general indication of fear.

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How and When to Use the 🦈 Shark Emoji

  • Are you posting your own version of “Baby shark, doo, doo, doo”? Then, use 🦈 in that post caption!
  • In a textual context, 🦈 works as a symbol of threat, in a goofy and playful way, of course. For example, “Can you just stop and listen to me for once??!! 🦈.
  • Did you sketch out a shark? Are you sharing those artistic pictures/videos on your social media handle? Then too, you can use 🦈 in the post caption.
  • Use 🦈 while sharing pictures or videos or sharks. It can be a news post, a viral video of newsworthy content, a funny video or even a shark meme.
  • If you’re a shark lover you can use 🦈 in your social media profile name.
  • If you tried shark meat for the first time and you’re posting this memory on social media, use 🦈 in that post caption to indicate which animal you’re relishing 👀.

c Names

  • 🦈 Grey Reef Shark
  • 🦈 Elasmobranch Fish
  • 🦈 Great White Shark
  • 🦈 Whale Shark
  • 🦈 Tiger Shark
  • 🦈 Bruce