🦞 Lobster


Lobster Meat, Seafood, Claw Strength, Significant Other (F.R.I.E.N.D.S), Growth

🦞 Meaning: A long body ending in a fin, with two large claws extending ahead of the face that has two black eyes and a pair of antennas. There are about eight legs with four on either side of the body.

The 🦞 Lobster emoji refers to lobster meat. It can also signify life-long monogamy (as Phoebe Buffay stated), but sadly, one that lasts just for two weeks. Besides, this emoji can also suggest many other amazing traits too.

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How and When to Use the 🦞 Lobster Emoji

  • If you’ve finally found your lobster (the one that stays forever) and if you’re a huge FRIENDS fan, then you can use 🦞 in the caption while posting pictures of or with your lobster on social media.
  • Lobsters are said to grow forever. So, while virtually blessing up on someone or something, you can use 🦞. For instance, “Oh, man. God bless ya, and may you continue to grow and flourish forever! 🦞”.
  • They also have finger-breaking strength in their claws. The next time someone types something nasty or offensive into the conversation, be badass and use 🦞. Like, “You better stop typing in shit or I’mma drive over to your place and break your fingers 🦞”.
  • Use 🦞 while sharing pictures, videos, or even informative content on lobster meat. It can be a post, a repost, or even a link you copied from somewhere that you’re now sending to that seafood freak.

Other Names

  • 🦞 Lobster Meat
  • 🦞 Crustacean
  • 🦞 Crawfish
  • 🦞 Crayfish
  • 🦞 Larry the Lobster
  • 🦞 Norway Lobster
  • 🦞 Spiny Lobster