🐳 Spouting Whale


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🐳 Meaning: A full-body length description of an animated blue whale with a huge body, a tapering tail, black eyes, and a spout forced out of the whale’s nostrils aka blowhole, indicating a massive ‘deep exhale”.

The 🐳 Spouting Whale emoji refers to a whale surfacing to empty its lungs of the previous air and inhale some fresh, clean air. This emoji signifies a sense of taking a deep breath or even going out for some fresh air.

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How and When to Use the 🐳 Spouting Whale Emoji

  • 🐳 is hands down one of the cutest emojis on the list. So, feel free to use this cutie in your social media profile name if you love whales, or if you just love how adorable it is, or if you work for these giants, as a marine conservator and the like.
  • If you know someone who places large, ungodly bets in a game or even in life, then you can use 🐳 to refer to that person. Like, “Man…. I don’t understand his gut feelings, he just bites more than he can chew and strangely, HE CAN CHEW ALL OF IT 🐳”.
  • If a particular situation or person made you want to get off your phone and go for a long walk, you can use 🐳 while telling someone about it. For instance, “She’s SO BAD at conversing I HAD to get out and walk 5 miles from the house! 🐳”.
  • You can also use 🐳 while sharing pictures and/or videos about whales. It can be a serious post; something related to climate change and marine life in danger, or a funny and silly post, like a whale meme.
  • 🐳 can be tagged in captions for posts that are about the seas, marine life, snorkeling, scuba diving, and anything to do with the deep blue sea.

Other Names

  • 🐳 Blue Whale
  • 🐳 Breathing Whale
  • 🐳 Spouting
  • 🐳 Cetacean
  • 🐳 Marine Animal
  • 🐳 Largest Mammal