🐡 Blowfish


Expandable, Deadly, Poisonous, Toxins, Edible (only at the finest), Bloated, Hallucinogen

🐡 Meaning: A full-body profile of a fish with a bloated body shaded in orange and white with spiky projections all over the skin, tiny fins, black eyes, a small mouth and a caudal fin at the back of the body.

The 🐡 Blowfish emoji refers to the pufferfish. Building upon the characteristics of a blowfish, this emoji can signify poison, expandability in the face of fear, self-defence and a dolphin hallucinogen.

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How and When to Use the 🐡 Blowfish Emoji

  • If you wish to send a playfully threatening text, you can add the 🐡 emoji; like, “I’m coming to get you, y’all better stop playing 🐡”.
  • Use 🐡 to indicate poison; which doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘poison’ it can also imply a toxic person or even a toxic conversation/environment. For instance, “Oh my god. This place is killing me from within 🐡”.
  • Despite the poison within a pufferfish, it is a Japanese delicacy. So, if you happen to relish this deliciously deadly dish, you ought to make a social media memory out of it! And while doing so, pop the 🐡 emoji into that post caption.
  • If you love blowfish, or if you find this emoji really cute, you can use 🐡 in your social media profile name.
  • Apart from indicating ‘toxicity’, 🐡 can also be used to refer to a bloated physical state. For example, “I’m PMSing SO BAD, I feel like this fish 🐡”.

Other Names

  • 🐡 Puffer Fish
  • 🐡 Globe Fish
  • 🐡 Balloon Fish
  • 🐡 Bubble Fish
  • 🐡 Mrs Puff (from Spongebob Square Pants)