🐙 Octopus


Intelligent, Swift and Slow, Camouflage, Self Defense, Nocturnal Hunter, Blue Blood

🐙 Meaning: A full-body description of an octopus with a maroonish body, a big head with two cartoony eyes, and visibly just four tentacles with a couple of circular suckers at the bottom surface of each.

The 🐙 Octopus emoji refers to every species of this three-hearted marine creature. A magical creature made of blue blood and nine brains, this emoji signifies clever self-defense, camouflaging ability, the capacity to swim slow and fast, and a fatal reaction to coitus.

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How and When to Use the 🐙 Octopus Emoji

  • You can use 🐙 to refer to people or situations that quickly camouflage into their circumstances to ‘fit in’ or even become invisible. This means that someone or something tries to change their authentic self just to be accepted or maybe, left alone.
  • The 🐙 emoji is quite cute. Its a great icon to have in your social media profile name if you love octopuses and/or you just love the emoji.
  • Since octopuses die soon after sex, you can use 🐙 to imply such scenarios (not that morbid, of course). For example, “Last night was insane… I was out after four hours 🐙”.
  • While sharing posts particularly about octopuses, such as a news post, a funny video, or even a meme, you must use 🐙 in the caption to add character (no puns intended).
  • Considering the fact that octopuses can regrow a broken arm, you can use 🐙 to refer to someone or something that resonates with this trait. Like, “I just don’t understand how she does that. One day she breaks her leg and the next day, she’s up and running! 🐙”.

Other Names

  • 🐙 Octopi
  • 🐙 Oswald
  • 🐙 Octopussy
  • 🐙 Giant Squid (not exactly, but cousins)
  • 🐙 Octopod
  • 🐙 Calamari
  • 🐙 Quadrapus (this guy here has just 4 tentacles!)
  • 🐙 Eight-Legged Creature
  • 🐙 Blue Blooded Animal