🦑 Squid


Seafood, Octopus Like, Predator, Blue-Blooded, Squidward, Giant Squid

🦑 Meaning: A marine creature with reddish skin, a conical head, two black eyes, a pair of long feeding tentacles, and about four or five smaller tentacles. There’s also a pair of fins engulfing the cone-shaped head.

The 🦑 Squid emoji can have several significances; starting with food, marine life, and cartoon characters too! Having close similarity to octopi, squids too have blue blood and can be deadly predators.

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How and When to Use the 🦑 Squid Emoji

  • If you’re a passionate motorcyclist who can differentiate between skill and squid, and you’re texting someone about wannabe motorcyclists or even posting something on social media about ‘all style and no substance’, then you can use 🦑 in all those contexts.
  • If you’re texting someone about the seafood brunch you’re attending either as an informing text or as an invite, ensure to include 🦑.
  • If you love squid more than any other marine food and pretty much anything on the planet, then you can use 🦑 in your social media profile name.
  • Every time you text or post something about ‘Bleeding Blue‘ (its an Indian reference), 🦑 would be a quirky and hilarious emoji to add in that context (and 🐙 Octopus too).
  • Although Squidward is an octopus (oh gosh, he is), you can still include 🦑 (with 🐙) in the captions while posting anything about him; a sketch, a meme, or even something ‘deep’ that you came across about this particular SpongeBob character.

Other Names

  • 🦑 Giant Squid
  • 🦑 Mollusk
  • 🦑 Octopus (very close)
  • 🦑 Cuttlefish (mollusk too, so addable)
  • 🦑 Squidward
  • 🦑 Calamari