🎅 Santa Claus


Christmas Spirit, Joy, Festivities, Generosity, Gift Giving, Winter, Coldness, Charity, Pleasant Surprises, Old age, Grandfather

Meaning: Depicted here is the face of St. Nick, known better to the world as Santa Claus, the legend who is known to bring presents and joy to kids all over the world during Christmas. Santa Claus is universally characterized by his long, white beard and his festive red hat. This emoji is quite literally the symbol of the Christmas spirit.

On some platforms, 🎅 Santa Claus’ white beard may be replaced by a yellow one.

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How and When to Use the 🎅 Santa Claus Emoji

  • If you want to convey that you’re excited about Christmas, 🎅 works best, along with the Christmas tree emoji.
  • An act of generosity can be represented by the 🎅 emoji, conveying that a person was “playing Santa”.
  • 🎅 can also freely be used when talking about winter.
  • The image of Santa Claus is that of an old man, so you can use 🎅 to convey that a person, especially a man, has become or is becoming old.
  • There’s a certain warmth about the character of Santa Claus that cheers people up. Therefore 🎅 can be used to lift the spirits of someone when they’re feeling low.
  • Apart from that, 🎅 can be used for almost absolutely anything Christmas related. For example: In an invitation to a Christmas party.

Other Names

  • 🎅 Santa Claus
  • 🎅 St. Nick
  • 🎅 St. Nicholas
  • 🎅 Jungle Bells
  • 🎅 Christmas
  • 🎅 Celebration
  • 🎅 Christmas spirit
  • 🎅 Father Christmas
  • 🎅 Sinterklaas
  • 🎅 Ho ho ho
  • 🎅 Happiness
  • 🎅 Joy
  • 🎅 Festival Spirit
  • 🎅 Holidays

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