💤 Zzz


Sleep, Bedtime, Sleeping, Bored, Boring, Buzzed, Intoxicated, Unstable

💤 Meaning: Three blue ‘Z’s positioned in a diagonal manner. The positioning of the letters, as well as the color used in this emoji, would vary across different platforms.

The 💤 Zzz Emoji signifies sleep, falling asleep, being fast asleep, deep sleep, and even REM to a certain extent. This emoji can also suggest boredom, being buzzed, intoxicated, dizzy and even unstable.

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How and When to Use the 💤 Zzz Emoji

  • If you’re hitting the sack and you were texting someone just before, send them a goodnight text with 💤 emoji (preferably not to a romantic partner).
  • You can use 💤 to show that you’re unimaginably bored.
  • If you’re talking about a situation or a party where you were buzzed (high, drunk, etc etc) use 💤 emoji.
  • 💤 can be used even while texting that someone is falling asleep or is fast asleep.
  • If there was an annoying bug living the time of its life around your ear last night, use 💤 emoji while telling someone about it.
  • You can also use 💤 emoji as a reaction to something extremely boring and lame that you came across on social media.

Other Names

  • 💤 Bored
  • 💤 Buzzed
  • 💤 Sleepy
  • 💤 Fast Asleep
  • 💤 Deep Sleep
  • 💤 Boredom
  • 💤 Bugged
  • 💤 Bedtime
  • 💤 Boring
  • 💤 Sleep
  • 💤 Zzz
  • 💤 Intoxicated

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