⚧️ Transgender Symbol


Non-Binary Gender, Gender Fluidity, Trans, Transgender Community, Genderqueer

⚧️ Meaning: A small circle in the middle with an arrow emerging on the top right corner, a cross from the bottom, and a combination of both from the top left corner. Sometimes shown within a square box.

The ⚧️ Transgender Symbol signifies the transgender community within the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s a symbolic representation of inclusion and equality along with the stereotyped male and female binary symbols.

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How and When to Use the ⚧️ Transgender Symbol Emoji

  • If you’re posting or reposting a powerful message about and/or for transgender people, use ⚧️ in the caption.
  • You can also use ⚧️ in general contexts surrounding the LGBTQIA+; it can be a video, a picture, a Pride post, a coming-out post, anything.
  • If you identify yourself as transgender, or you’re beginning to conform to your gender identity you can use ⚧️ in your social media profile name.
  • ⚧️ can be brought into the frameworks of Pride filters as well! If you’re posting or reposting a beautiful and aesthetic picture with a rainbow filter, use this emoji in the caption.
  • Happy Pride Month! (although every month is pretty much Pride month) or Happy Transgender Week! Doesn’t matter what the celebration is, you can always use ⚧️ in those contexts (related to transgenders, of course).

Other Names

  • ⚧️ Transgender
  • ⚧️ Trans Symbol
  • ⚧️ Female, Male and Genderqueer Symbols
  • ⚧️ Transgender Sign
  • ⚧️ Gender Fluid Symbol
  • ⚧️ Gender Non-Binary Symbol

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