♿ Wheelchair Symbol


Manual Wheelchair, Accessible Bathroom, Wheelchair Availability, Wheelchair User, Friendly

Meaning: A blue square icon with a white symbol of a person sitting on a circle cut on two ends, indicating a wheelchair. The person seems to be stretching an arm towards the back, to push the wheel.

The ♿ Wheelchair Symbol emoji represents a 🦽 Manual Wheelchair. This emoji suggests the availability of a wheelchair and the fact that a particular event or any such situation is wheelchair friendly.

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How and When to Use the ♿ Wheelchair Symbol Emoji

  • While sharing informative content or announcements of an event that focuses on wheelchair users, ♿ is a must. For instance, “We have smooth ramps to ease the journey! ♿”, or “We’ve got you covered if you’ve forgotten your wheelchair at home! ♿”.
  • ♿ also represents the availability of an accessible washroom/bathroom – if this fits into the post or repost you’re sharing, you may include this emoji.
  • Using a wheelchair is often taken for a “disability”. You could use ♿ to bash ableism and bring about education. For example, “I use a wheelchair, and that doesn’t stop me from kicking your ego ♿” or “I’m not “disabled”, I just need an extra pair of wheels ♿”.
  • Bringing ♿ into any context would either indicate that the user is a wheelchair user or that the subject of the context is either about wheelchairs or wheelchair users; be it a social media profile name, bio, caption, story, text message, anything.

Other Names

  • ♿ Wheelchair User
  • ♿ Manual Wheelchair Symbol
  • ♿ Wheelchair Availability
  • ♿ Accessible Bathroom
  • ♿ Wheelchair Accessibility
  • ♿ Blue Wheelchair Symbol

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