💭 Thought Bubble


Thinking, Pondering, Understanding, Analysing, Dreaming, Thoughtful, Thoughts, Wonder

💭 Meaning: A large, white, cartoony cloud with a smaller drop of cloud to the right bottom of the bigger one. The color and design of this emoji would minimally vary across different platforms.

The 💭 Thought Bubble emoji signifies the process of thinking (as the name suggests). It also suggests a feeling of being lost in thought, deep thinking, pondering, understanding, and evaluating.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 💭 Thought Bubble Emoji

  • If something on social media made you think and reflect upon, use 💭 emoji as a reaction to that post.
  • You can also send 💭 emoji along with something thoughtful you came across.
  • If you were lost in thought and someone online asks you where the heck you were, send in 💭 emoji.
  • 💭 can also be a cute and quirky way of saying that you were thinking of someone (may come off as platonic, but still, cute).
  • 💭 emoji can also be used in contexts of telling someone about a dream that you had last night (or any night, ugh).

Other Names

  • 💭 Thinking
  • 💭 Thoughts
  • 💭 Thoughtful
  • 💭 Dreams
  • 💭 Dreaming
  • 💭 Zoned Out
  • 💭 Lost in Thought
  • 💭 Pondering
  • 💭 Deep Thought
  • 💭 Reflect
  • 💭 Wondering