💥 Collision


Explosion, Bam!, Boom, Collide, Excitement, Power, Encouragement, Impact, Bang

💥 Meaning: A sharp ‘bam’ kind of an explosive symbol with colors, red, orange, and white. This emoji would differ in colors as well as design and finishing across various platforms.

The 💥 Collision emoji signifies a loud noise, explosion, or even a massive burning star. This emoji aligns with emotions of power, excitement, support, empowerment and burning passion too.

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How and When to Use the 💥 Collision Emoji

  • If you’re super excited about something and you’re texting about the plans, send this emoji to bring in that excitement over text.
  • This emoji could also be used to show that someone or something is flaming hot.
  • If something explosive happened; a conversation, a scene, or even just a heated argument, and you’re telling about that to someone you confide in, send this emoji in that context.
  • This emoji can also be used to show encouragement.
  • You can use this emoji while talking about passion too.

Other Names

  • 💥 Bam!
  • 💥 Explosion
  • 💥 Star
  • 💥 Explode
  • 💥 Collide
  • 💥 Boom
  • 💥 Firework
  • 💥 Excitement
  • 💥 Encouragement
  • 💥 Impact
  • 💥 Red Spark
  • 💥 Bang
  • 💥 Burning Star