🚼 Baby Symbol


Newborn Baby, Changing Room, Nursery, Baby Friendly, Baby Room, Nursing

🚼 Meaning: An orange square, rounded at the corners and designed with a white depiction of a crawling baby. The 🚼 Baby Symbol emoji essentially points towards a space, area, toy, situation, anything that is conducive for a newborn.

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How and When to Use the 🚼 Baby Symbol Emoji

  • Is something a child’s play? Or are you sarcastically/genuinely referring to a situation as a child’s play? If that’s the case, bring in the child! “You kidding? That entire project would be child’s play for my team 🚼”.
  • If you’re texting someone that you’re baby-sitting for the day, use 🚼. This works even if you’re the one lending your baby to a baby-sitter. Like, “Left the girls with the baby sitter 🚼”.
  • 🚼 can also indicate that there’s a baby “on board”. For example, “We’re no longer just the two of us. There’s a little one on board! 🚼” or “Travelling with the babies for the first time!! 🚼”.
  • Besides, you may use 🚼 even while suggesting that someone is being a baby. For instance, “He’s being a baby about it, dude 🚼. He won’t budge. We’ll have to go without him”.

Other Names

  • 🚼 Baby On Board
  • 🚼 Baby’s Room
  • 🚼 Nursery
  • 🚼 Nursing Room
  • 🚼 Baby Change Station
  • 🚼 Baby Change Symbol
  • 🚼 Crawling Baby Symbol
  • 🚼 Newborn Baby