💬 Speech Balloon


Texting, Chatting, Chat Bubble, Conversation, Thinking, Talking, Virtual Thoughts

💬 Meaning: A cartoony speech bubble with three dots inside the balloon part of the emoji. This emoji would vary in colour and design across different platforms.

The 💬 Speech Balloon signifies the act of speaking (of course), but also the process of thinking and even typing a message (the three dots). This emoji suggests constructing the perfect reply, understanding a message or even lost in deep thought while chatting.

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How and When to Use the 💬 Speech Balloon Emoji

  • Use 💬 emoji to tell someone that you’re busy texting someone else.
  • You can bring in 💬 emoji while suggesting that you’re still thinking of framing the perfect reply to the other person’s message.
  • 💬 emoji can also be used as a reaction to something thoughtful that you witnessed on social media.
  • If you’re simultaneously texting a close friend and someone you’re romantically interested in, use 💬 emoji to denote to the close friend that the special interest is still typing in their text or even thinking for a very very long time.

Other Names

  • 💬 Speech
  • 💬 Understanding
  • 💬 Speech Bubble
  • 💬 Chat Bubble
  • 💬 Chatting
  • 💬 Conversation
  • 💬 Communication
  • 💬 Talking
  • 💬 Virtual Thoughts
  • 💬 Message
  • 💬 SMS
  • 💬 Text
  • 💬 Thinking
  • 💬 iMessage