🪵 Wood


Tree Branch, Deforestation, Wooden Furniture, Wooden Ornaments, Firewood, Tough, Hard

🪵 Meaning: A dark brown cylindrical branch that has been chopped off from the tree, with concentric lines at the center and a short protruding branch at the side. There are a couple of slashes on the bark too.

At the direct level of significance, the 🪵 Wood emoji signifies a tree, nature, a source of fuel, and a natural element. On the indirect level of significance, this emoji can refer to anything that’s hard 🙂.

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How and When to Use the 🪵 Wood Emoji

  • Beginning the list with some implicit use cases of 🪵 – while posting or reposting pictures and/or videos of wooden furniture, jewellery, art, or even those eyegasmic pictures of wooden houses and tree houses, you can use 🪵 in the post caption.
  • If you’re sharing something about deforestation, destruction of nature, trees, etc, you can use 🪵.
  • The intro is a beautiful prologue to the explicit use case of 🪵. So, “wood” refers to the biological sorcery of an erection, hence 🪵 too can be used to refer to an erection and the other slangs that exist for it.
  • If bird photography is your thing and you’re sharing pictures of a woodpecker, you can use 🪵 in the caption. This can also be used while reposting photography or even memes related to these birdies.
  • 🪵 can also be used for themes such as ‘firewood’, ‘timber’, or even ‘planks’ and ‘planking’.

Other Names

  • 🪵 Branch
  • 🪵 Chopped Branch
  • 🪵 Tree Branch
  • 🪵 Piece of Wood
  • 🪵 Chopped Tree
  • 🪵 Wooden
  • 🪵 Natural Wood
  • 🪵 Fuel
  • 🪵 Timber
  • 🪵 Planks
  • 🪵 Lumber
  • 🪵 Firewood