🏦 Bank


Savings, Money, Finances, Public Service, Confidentiality, Trust, Classified Information

🏦 Meaning: A concrete building with a triangular roof and a huge dollar sign in yellow at the top. The structure is designed with four white pillars and a glass two-doored entrance at the front.

The 🏦 Bank emoji signifies money, savings, a society’s financial backbone, and a sector of public service. Although this emoji shows an American bank, it can be used to refer to any bank of any country.

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How and When to Use the 🏦 Bank Emoji

  • If your son or daughter is asking you for money that’s unaccounted for, use 🏦 to say “I’m not a bank, darling 🏦. You’re 18. Find a job“.
  • During the initial ‘ice-breaking’ conversations with someone or even a random conversation with someone you’ve known for years about your wildest fantasies, feel free to use 🏦 to indicate “I wonder how it feels to rob a bank 🏦. hehe”.
  • A bank has many interpretations. If you’re the goofy and creative kind, you can use 🏦 to bring in some hilarity into mundane chats. For instance, “Ayo. I’m just banking left to get some cash 🏦. Need something?”.
  • 🏦 can also be used to represent an ATM.
  • If you’re posting a picture that goes well with a money-centric caption, use 🏦. For example, “The dream is to earn enough money to trick the bank itself. Haha 🏦“.

Other Names

  • 🏦 Savings Bank
  • 🏦 ATM
  • 🏦 Bank Branch
  • 🏦 Bakkereru
  • 🏦 BK
  • 🏦 Retail Bank
  • 🏦 Banking