🏯 Japanese Castle


Japanese Fortress, Stronghold, Royalty, Military Residence, Samurais, Defense

🏯 Meaning: A three-storied structure ascending in size, designed with royal blue roofs, a couple of windows on each floor, and a stony foundation. The building has a barred entrance below a triangular roof.

The 🏯 Japanese Castle emoji signifies the Japanese medieval times, history, a remnant of the past, and a mark of national heritage. Since Japanese castles were also former military residences, it can also suggest the ancestral military force.

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How and When to Use the 🏯 Japanese Castle Emoji

  • 🏯 is a mandatory emoji to use in post captions or within text messages while forwarding information in any form about Japanese castles as a post, a repost, or even a text message.
  • You can also use 🏯 in general contexts revolving around Japanese heritage, history, etc.
  • Since Japanese castles were inhabited by Samurais among other officials and designated people, 🏯 can also be used while posting anything about Samurais, or even anything that has the word ‘Samurai’ in it.
  • If you’re feeling particularly royal and on top of the world today, you can use 🏯 in the framework of social media posts and stories, like “Finally, FINALLY, I feel important to myself 🏯. Back in the game, bishesss”.
  • Use 🏯 while referring your home to a Japanese castle. Like, “Please drop by my castle 🏯. I’m in dire need of tissue paper“.

Other Names

  • 🏯 Japanese Fortress
  • 🏯 Fort
  • 🏯 Strongholds in Japan
  • 🏯 Japanese Historic Buildings
  • 🏯 Castles
  • 🏯 Himeji Castle
  • 🏯 Osaka Castle
  • 🏯 Castle Ruins