🏡 House With Garden


Serene Locality, Independent Housing, Green Residence, Natural Surroundings

🏡 Meaning: A single house very similar to the 🏠 House emoji; in structure, design, and even color, but with the addition of greenery around the house and a tree standing behind the house.

The 🏡 House With Garden emoji refers to an independent residence surrounded by lush greenery; it can be a lawn, a farm, a couple of floral pots, leaf pots, anything. It signifies a sense of serenity, peace, and the idea of staying in a nature-oriented home in the face of industrial housing.

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How and When to Use the 🏡 House With Garden Emoji

  • While sharing pictures of your home and/or your house garden, 🏡 is a useful emoji to put into the caption; such as ‘Home Sweet Home’ social media stories or posts.
  • 🏡 can be used to refer to a serene locality, independent residence or even a villa of any size set up in urban and rural areas since houses with gardens are prevalent in both brackets
  • Besides, you can also use 🏡 while posting or reposting anything that revolves around the themes of interior designing, architecture, house decor, etc.
  • If you’re sharing visually pleasing pictures of houses in the woods, homes within a dense natural setting, anything that consists of a house and nature, you can use 🏡 in the caption.
  • Also, while saying “Come home” or even while typing out your address for an official e-invite, 🏡 is a cute emoji to have in that context (especially if your house does have a garden indeed).

Other Names

  • 🏡 Villa
  • 🏡 Independent House With Garden
  • 🏡 Serene Residence
  • 🏡 House With Lawn
  • 🏡 House With Greenery
  • 🏡 Garden House
  • 🏡 Urban Villa