🏣 Japanese Post Office


Japan Post Company, Japanese Postal System, Courier Service, Japanese Postal Mark

🏣 Meaning: A tall rectangular building portion with a big red ‘T’ with a horizontal line above it, a triangular roof, a glass door, and two plants on either side of it. This portion is attached to another, smaller division with a couple of windows and a straight roof.

The 🏣 Japanese Post Office emoji refers to a Japanese post company. Apart from representing the Japanese postal system, it also signifies the Japanese lifestyle and the old school way of sending messages across the country (which is prevalent only in a few parts).

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🏣 Japanese Post Office Emoji

  • If you’re posting or reposting anything about the Japanese postal department, the courier system, or just about this particular building, etc, then you must use 🏣 in the post caption; it can be an aesthetic post, a news post, anything.
  • If you’re in Japan while your family lives elsewhere or vice versa and you’re either posting a social media post or story about how you stay in touch with your people through physical letters in the age of tech, etc, you can use 🏣 in those contexts.
  • 🏣 can also be used in frameworks that talk about the Japanese infrastructure, system, etc.
  • 🏣 is exclusively a Japanese post office, as the name suggests, so please refrain from using it to represent other non-Japan post offices.

Other Names

  • 🏣 Japan Post Company
  • 🏣 Japanese Postal System
  • 🏣 Yubin Kigo
  • 🏣 Japanese Postal Mark
  • 🏣 Japanese Postal Service
  • 🏣 Japan Post
  • 🏣 Japanese Postal Building
  • 🏣 Japanese Courier Service