🏩 Love Hotel


Couples Hotel, Physical Intimacy, Sexual Privacy, Pay by the Hour, Consent, Adult Couples

🏩 Meaning: A pink building with a centrally arched roof that has an ‘H’ printed on the wall beneath it, while there are windows on either side of the letter, a glass door below, and decorative plants on both sides of that door.

The 🏩 Love Hotel emoji refers to hotels or accommodations that can be booked ‘by the hour’, which is generally used for intimate and sexual privacy between two consensual adults. As real-life usage suggests, this emoji too signifies sexual activity, privacy, intimacy, and “couple stuff”.

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How and When to Use the 🏩 Love Hotel Emoji

  • If your bestie is nervous about planning her first Valentine’s, be the trashy *and wild* best friend that you are, and playfully poke her about heading to a love hotel using 🏩. Like, “How about some foreplay to your relationship? Get a room, bruh 🏩”
  • Speaking of a room, if two or more people are acting visibly discomforting to the rest on a group chat, you can use 🏩 to ask them to please get a room. Along the same lines, you can also use this emoji while commenting on nauseating PDA posts.
  • While teasingly speaking about a couple, you can use 🏩. For example, “No idea, man. Both haven’t been returning my calls. The love birds finally got a place to do something about themselves 🏩”.
  • In any context, 🏩 would be innately translated into a place for physical intimacy. So, please do not use this emoji to refer to a hotel that was ‘pretty’. Use it instead to refer to one that was pretty good.

Other Names

  • 🏩 Romance Hotel
  • 🏩 Leisure Hotel
  • 🏩 Amusement Hotel (its amusing, alright)
  • 🏩 Couples Hotel
  • 🏩 Boutique Hotel
  • 🏩 By-the-Hour Hotel