🚦 Vertical Traffic Light


Traffic Signal, Traffic Lights, Jam, Traffic Control and Management

🚦 Meaning: A vertically rectangular structure, rounded at the corners while accommodating the three lights of a traffic signal; red, yellow, and green, in the same order on all platforms.

The 🚦 Vertical Traffic Light emoji represents the more commonly used design of traffic lights, unlike the 🚥 Horizontal Traffic Light emoji. It signifies a traffic signal, traffic jam, and traffic control and management.

How and When to Use the 🚦 Vertical Traffic Light Emoji

  • If you’re referring to any of the lights and their meanings in your post caption, you can use 🚦. Like, “Stop and think, if it’s worth it before you repeat the same mistake 🚦”, or “Gotta be ready when the time is right 🚦”, or “When you say no, I say go 🚦. My life, not your rules”.
  • If you’re texting someone that you’re stuck in traffic or you’re sharing a social media story about the same, you can use 🚦.
  • Use 🚦 while sharing something unusual about a traffic signal or something that caused it; it can be a rally, a protest, a march for a cause, anything. For example, “For the first time, I’m happy being in traffic 🚦 Because something great has caused this #protestforequality“.
  • If you’re sharing a social media post about the ‘traffic lights lesson’ your child had or a traffic lights project the two or three of you worked on, you can use 🚦 in the caption.

Other Names

  • 🚦 Traffic Lights
  • 🚦 Traffic Signal
  • 🚦 Traffic Jam
  • 🚦 Jam
  • 🚦 Traffic Control
  • 🚦 Traffic Management
  • 🚦 Vehicular Traffic
  • 🚦 Stop, Steady, Go