🚛 Articulated Lorry


Large Shipment, Heavy-Duty Vehicle, Smooth Movement, Pivot Jointed Vehicle, Easy Land Navigation

🚛 Meaning: The side profile of a lorry with a short body but a much taller enclosed cargo space at the back. The vehicle has visible windows, a headlight, and three wheels, which accounts for three pairs.

The 🚛 Articulated Lorry signifies smoother locomotion in terms of transportation. It may also suggest heavy-duty efficiency, thus carrying larger loads such as heavy equipment, furniture, smaller vehicles, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🚛 Articulated Lorry Emoji

  • While posting or reposting a picture/video of a moving articulated lorry, you can use 🚛. It can be a random one or a specified carrier such as stock for a particular branded store.
  • 🚛 can also be used to refer to a concert truck. Ensure to drag this little buddy into those exciting post captions or stories.
  • Use 🚛 while sharing pictures of an articulated lorry; it could be a typical day at work, a fancy lorry you came across in the traffic, etc.
  • You could also use 🚛 while sharing pictures or videos of modified lorries, a new line of lorries, a revamped version of an old brand, etc.
  • While shipping or receiving a heavy shipment too, you can use 🚛. Like, “I hope the sofas arrive safely 🚛”.
  • Essentially, 🚛 acts as a direct quantifier for a delivery or shipment.

Other Names

  • 🚛 Tractor-Trailer
  • 🚛 Trailer Truck
  • 🚛 Tractor Trailer (without the hyphen)
  • 🚛 Semi-Truck
  • 🚛 Concert Truck
  • 🚛 Trucking Rig
  • 🚛 Green Lorry
  • 🚛 Articulated Truck
  • 🚛 Rig
  • 🚛 Semitrailer
  • 🚛 HGV
  • 🚛 Articulated HGV