🛑 Stop Sign


Stop, Don’t Move, No, Nope, Negative, Road Sign, Stop Signal, Stop it

🛑 Meaning: A red octagon with a red or white border. The 🛑 Stop Sign emoji signifies ‘Stop’ as a command. It can be used in a formal and informal context, as part of a post caption, story, or even a text message.

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How and When to Use the 🛑 Stop Sign Emoji

  • If you’ve had enough of your best friend’s taunts, you can use 🛑 as a way of saying, “Okay, bro. STFU before I break your face 🛑”.
  • You could also use 🛑 while reposting something that got on your nerves. For example, “Could someone please stop this woman from saying shit? 🛑”.
  • Overall, 🛑 largely has a negative connotation. Hence, it could be used with negational words such as ‘No’, ‘Not happening’, ‘Nope’, ‘No Entry’, ‘No Trespassing’, etc. For instance, “No, means NO 🛑 Get that into your thick empty skull”.
  • Even while commenting on posts that enraged you, you can use 🛑. For example, “NOPE, not for me 🛑”.
  • ‘Stop’ could also have a positive tone to it. Like, if the caption to the picture you’re uploading has the word ‘stop’ in it, you can use 🛑 – “You could try all you want, but you can never stop me, k bye. 🛑”.

Other Names

  • 🛑 Stop
  • 🛑 Octagonal Sign
  • 🛑 Red Octagon
  • 🛑 Red Stop Sign
  • 🛑 Red Sign
  • 🛑 Stop Light
  • 🛑 Red Octagonal Sign