🚘 Oncoming Automobile


Arrival, Reaching, Driving a Four Wheeler, Picking Up, On the Way, Front-Facing Car

🚘 Meaning: A front-facing red car with a curved roof and bonnet (or hood), a wide and rectangular windscreen, a pair of rearview mirrors, headlights, a bumper, and a pair of black wheels.

The 🚘 Oncoming Automobile emoji signifies a car that’s arriving, a speeding car, driving, traffic, and a sense that this automobile is reaching a particular person or venue.

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How and When to Use the 🚘 Oncoming Automobile Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone or posting a social media story that you’re being picked up or dropped off by someone (someone familiar, of course), use 🚘. For instance, “It’s all good, man. Dad’s coming to pick me up from the train station 🚘. RELAX“.
  • If you just witnessed a speeding car, you can use 🚘 while telling someone about that atrocious speed or even while sharing a social media story of the same.
  • If you own a car, you could use 🚘 to indicate “I’m on my way 🚘”.
  • If you’re planning to take your car to a particular place, you could just drop 🚘 into any framework for an immediate conclusion that you’re taking a four-wheeler. Like, “Give me half an hour, I’ll be there 🚘”.
  • Generally, 🚘 can be used while posting or reposting a car ad or just pictures of your new automobile.

Other Names

  • 🚘 Arriving Car
  • 🚘 Speeding Car
  • 🚘 Front of the Car
  • 🚘 Driving
  • 🚘 Stuck in Traffic in a Car
  • 🚘 Taking the Car
  • 🚘 Driving a Four-Wheeler
  • 🚘 Car
  • 🚘 Automobile