🚙 Sport Utility Vehicle


Road Trip, Offroading, Driving, Large Vehicle, Tough Terrain Endurance, Long Drives

🚙 Meaning: A side-facing blue four-wheeler, with a slightly raised roof, a spacious body that shows external features such as windows, a bonnet, rearview mirrors, headlights, taillights, doors, and two pairs of wheels.

The 🚙 Sport Utility Vehicle emoji is a representation of the famous SUV which is used for regular, as well as off-road usage. It signifies endurance of tough terrain trips, road trips, and long duration journeys.

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How and When to Use the 🚙 Sports Utility Vehicle Emoji

  • Use 🚙 in the contexts of a road trip. It can be a fresh plan, the ‘travel’ part of a priorly decided plan, or just a selfless pitch into the discussion. Like, “Hey. Why all the hassle? I’ll get my SUV, man 🚙”.
  • While sharing pictures from the road trip too, you could use 🚙 in the caption.
  • If you purchased an SUV or got one as a gift or gifted a sports utility vehicle to someone, use 🚙 in all such contexts. For example, “Saved up some money and finally fulfilled my momma’s dream of owning an SUV 🚙.
  • If you’re texting someone about going out for a drive, or you’re sharing a social media post/story about the same, you could use 🚙 without verbalizing that you own an SUV. For example, “Just going out for a nice, long, night drive 🚙”.

Other Names

  • 🚙 SUV
  • 🚙 Sport Ute
  • 🚙 Remuera Tractor
  • 🚙 Toorak Tractor
  • 🚙 Off-Beat Car
  • 🚙 Large Car
  • 🚙 Road-Trip Car