🚏 Bus Stop


Bus Arrival, Departure, Waiting, Bus Stoppage, Boarding, Deboarding, Bus Station

🚏 Meaning: A tall pole with the sign of a bus on one side, bus numbers and bus timings on the other. The 🚏 Bus Stop emoji represents the signpost of a bus, thus indicating the arrival of a bus at the very same spot. It signifies waiting for a bus and boarding or deboarding a bus.

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How and When to Use the 🚏 Bus Stop Emoji

  • Just like a lot can happen over coffee, a lot can happen at a bus stop too. If you’re texting your bestie about some bus stop romance you’ve been up to, use 🚏. Like, “We’ve been seeing each other at the bus stop for about 2 weeks now, and guess what! He smiled today! 🚏” (aww).
  • While posting or reposting pictures or videos that involve a bus stop in any way, use 🚏 in the caption. It can be an emotional video, a bus stop love story (like the prev point), a news post, etc.
  • If you’re texting someone to wait for you at the bus stop, use 🚏. For example, “I could potentially punch you in the face if you ditch me 🚏”.
  • To indicate that you’re waiting for a bus, or that you’re getting late, you could drop in the 🚏. For instance, “It’s been an hour and I’m still here 🚏. So sorry, babe. I really wish I could make it on time”.
  • If you’re sharing pictures of new bus stand in your locality, 🚏 is a mandatory emoji to have in the caption.

Other Names

  • 🚏 Bus Stand
  • 🚏 Fare Stage
  • 🚏 Halt
  • 🚏 Waiting for a Bus
  • 🚏 Bus Stop Point
  • 🚏 Bus Point
  • 🚏 Bus Station
  • 🚏 Stop Area
  • 🚏 Bus Depot