⛽ Fuel Pump


Refill, Gas Station, Petrol Pump, Fuel Storage, Fuel Dispenser, Self-Service Fuel Station

Meaning: A red rectangular fuel storage unit with a ‘waterdrop’ symbol on it, connected to the main valve that has a fuel pipe that facilitates the passage of fuel from the pump to the vehicle.

The ⛽ Fuel Pump emoji represents a petrol bunk/fuel station/gas station. It signifies a refill source, the essential stitch in time, and a life savior for fuel-powered vehicular movement.

How and When to Use the ⛽ Fuel Pump Emoji

  • Fuel can have more meanings than just one. It’s anything that gets one going. So, while referring to your fuel and the place you could refill with it, you can use ⛽. Like, coffee; coffee shop, or kettle.
  • An example of the previous point would be “I couldn’t get this morning started even if I wanted to without a refill I’m at the coffee shop, wanna join?”
  • If you’re texting someone to fill fuel in your vehicle that they borrowed, you can use ⛽. For example, “Hey. After the last time you took my baby out, there wasn’t even a wisp of fuel. Please refill it when you drink all of it down ⛽”.
  • If you’re sharing something uncanny of a fuel station, you can use ⛽. It can be an ungodly queue at the gas station, a protest near a petrol bunk, etc.

Other Names

  • ⛽ Fuel Station
  • ⛽ Gas Pump
  • ⛽ Petrol Pump
  • ⛽ Fuel Dispenser
  • ⛽ Petrol Bunk
  • ⛽ Petrol Station
  • ⛽ Gas Station
  • ⛽ Self-Help Fuel Station