🚃 Railway Car


Carriage, Moving Goods, Travelling, Train Car, Cargo Transport

🚃 Meaning: A single van-like vehicle painted in stripes of green, cream, and orange, designed with a couple of rectangular windows in horizontal space and balanced on two pairs of wheels.

The 🚃 Railway Car emoji represents a railroad train, also known as a railway wagon, a train wagon, or even a train car that’s used in cargo and people transport from one station to another.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🚃 Railway Car Emoji

  • While sharing railway services related posts, you can use 🚃 in the caption. It can be a news post, an educational video, etc.
  • If you’re traveling in a railway car for the first time and you wish to make a social media memory out of the same, use 🚃 in the post caption while sharing pictures and/or videos of the same.
  • The previous point applies even while sending those pictures/videos via direct message (DM) too.
  • Besides, since the railway car emoji looks like a bogie from any kind of train, you could use 🚃 while sharing pictures of just this portion of a train – like a photoshoot series, a ‘busy life’ kind of a post, etc.

Other Names

  • 🚃 Railcar
  • 🚃 Railway Wagon
  • 🚃 Railway Carriage
  • 🚃 Railway Truck
  • 🚃 Railwagon
  • 🚃 Railcarriage
  • 🚃 Railtruck
  • 🚃 Train Car
  • 🚃 Train Wagon
  • 🚃 Train Truck
  • 🚃 Train Carriage