Tag: Food Prepared

🍞 Bread

Food, Toast, Breakfast, Earnings, Breadwinner, Hard Work, Bakery

🥐 Croissant

Pastry, Baked Food, Bakery, France, Savoury, Delicacy, Snack

🫓 Flatbread

Main Course, Food, Nutrition, Hard Work, Earning, Pizza, Roti, Tortilla, and a gazillion other types

🥨 Pretzel

German Snack, Savoury, Sweet, Infinity, Loops, Intertwined, Charity, Love

🥯 Bagel

Baking, Bakery, Sweet, Savoury, Filled Bagel, Snacks, Festivity, Breakfast

🥞 Pancakes

Breakfast, Dessert, Main Course, Sweet, Flat, Flattened

🧇 Waffle

Breakfast, Dessert, Rambling, Senseless Talking

🧀 Cheese Wedge

Food, Cheesy, Mouse Trap, Fart (Cut the Cheese), Fat, Yummy Fat, Wine and Cheese

🍖 Meat on Bone

Possessing Substance, Character, Meaty, Body, Flesh, Nutrition, Food

🍗 Poultry Leg

Poultry Meat, Chicken Legs, Skinny, Thin, Nutrition, Bony, Pet Food

🥩 Cut of Meat

Red Meat, Beef, Food, Pound of Flesh, Raw Meat, Meaty, Dirty Talk

🥓 Bacon

Pork, Ready to Fry, Breakfast, Eggs, Bacon Strips, Porkbelly

🍔 Hamburger

Food, Snack, Chicken Burger, Cheese Burger, Stupidity, Sandwiched, Confused

🍕 Pizza

Snack, Party Food, Hunger, Pizza Topping, Pepperoni, Italian

🌭 Hot Dog

Stuntperson, Snack, Street Food, Attention Seeking, Phallus

🥪 Sandwich

Sandwiched, Picnic, Patriarchy (lets smash ’em all), Confused, Fast Food

🌮 Taco

Mexican Food, Snack, Main Course, Healthy, That’s All Carry On, Taco Tuesday, Female Genitalia (ugh)

🌯 Burrito

Mexican Food, Healthy, Tortilla, Tex-Mex, Food in Rolls, Little Donkey