🌭 Hot Dog


Stuntperson, Snack, Street Food, Attention Seeking, Phallus

🌭 Meaning: A perfectly baked golden brown hot dog bun that is sliced in between to fit in a sausage that’s darker brown in color, which is further glazed with a curve of mustard sauces and other essential toppings.

Apart from referring to a physically fit, stunt-person, the 🌭 Hot Dog emoji suggests the snack for obvious reasons. However, in the virtual world, interpretations are vast and thus, it can also refer to the male sex organ.

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How and When to Use the 🌭 Hot Dog Emoji

  • If you and your girl gang are talking about hot dawg you saw at the store, then you can use 🌭 if you wish to virtually turn that poor boy into a snack so that all of you can secretly dream about him (hahah).
  • Since meat is archaically translated to the human body in the millennial world and the 🌭 emoji also refers to the penis, the usage of this emoji is quite evident (if not, it can be used while sexting or while virtually ravishing someone or something 😬).
  • Boys (not all men, of course), stop with the dick pics, send her this 🌭, and deliver a hot dog to satisfy some anatomical hunger (if not, please).
  • Hotdogs are also referred to those who are always extra (for the attention, of course). So, if you’re talking about that extra person or situation or even a TV show, then you can use 🌭 in all those contexts.
  • Besides, you can also use 🌭 while reposting or posting about cartoon characters that looked like or were designed like hot dogs! (remember weenie?).

Other Names

  • 🌭 Frankfurter
  • 🌭 Sausage
  • 🌭 Weiner (non-slang, yes)
  • 🌭 Weenie (from Oswald, aww)
  • 🌭 Hotdog
  • 🌭 Snack
  • 🌭 Street Food