🍳 Cooking


Eggs, Omelete, Sunny Side Up, Frying, Pan Fry, Egg Fry, Shallow Fry, Pan Toss

🍳 Meaning: A black frying pan with a flat pan and a broken egg on it, which also has an extended thin handle. The egg here is the typical fried egg; a yellow yolk center surrounded by the albumen.

Although the 🍳 Cooking emoji says ‘cooking’ it signifies the act of making eggs as conveyed by the emoji. Thus, it can suggest themes such as breakfast, breaking eggs, bread, and eggs, or any other egg-based meal.

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How and When to Use the 🍳 Cooking Emoji

  • Going by the name of the emoji, 🍳 can be used to signify ‘cooking’ in any context. However, misleading and misunderstanding would be a by-product. Hence, it’s best to use this emoji while ‘cooking eggs’ or ‘making eggs’.
  • If you had eggs for breakfast and you’re texting someone about how great/ terrible they went or if you’re just responding to that “What did ya eat” text, you can use 🍳.
  • 🍳 can also be used while posting/reposting for #eggday.
  • Besides, 🍳 can be used to indicate “use a pan‘ in any textual format. For instance, if you’re putting up a recipe as a social media story or sending it as a text message and you’re emphasizing the importance of using a frying pan, then 🍳 is your go-to emoji.
  • Common themes that can use 🍳 apart from the ones mentioned in the previous section would be ‘frying’, ‘shallow fry’, ‘toss’, ‘fry pan’, ‘toss fry’, ‘egg fry’, ‘fried egg’, ‘sunny side up’ etc.

Other Names

  • 🍳 Omelet
  • 🍳 Frying
  • 🍳 Frying Pan
  • 🍳 Egg Fry
  • 🍳 Eggs
  • 🍳 Eggs for Breakfast
  • 🍳 Sunny-Side Up
  • 🍳 Fried Egg