???? Sandwich


Sandwiched, Picnic, Patriarchy (lets smash ’em all), Confused, Fast Food

???? Meaning: A pair of bread slices with a bunch of equally sliced veggies and maybe even sauces in between. On Facebook, this emoji is shown as a diagonally sliced sandwich.

The ???? Sandwich emoji can also refer to a sense of being caught up in between two things (or people). Now, the internet world ???? has also been used as a way to demean women (jump to the next section to know how you can kick some ass when this emoji is used against you).

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How and When to Use the ???? Sandwich Emoji

  • “Make me a sandwich” has been a famous and frequently used phrase to put women down or ‘in their place’, which patriarchally speaking is the kitchen (of course, coz it can’t make tea).
  • So, in such contexts, you can use ???? as a way of telling all those obnoxious boys to hold their shit together. Like, “Oh no, looks like your brains are all over the place, here, ???? seal them together, you might want to use the kitchen to grab some civility”.
  • Feeling sandwiched? Between two ideas, decisions, people, dogs, anything? Are you texting your bestie about this dilemma? Then, you can use ???? in such conversations.
  • Sandwiches evoke a sense of picnicking too. So, if you’re for a fam-jam picnic, a picnic with your significant other, etc, and you’re putting up social media stories/posts or even texting someone about it, then you can use ???? in those contexts too.
  • Jumping back to the second point ???? can also be used while sharing sandwiched memes and other funny content too.

Other Names

  • ???? BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich)
  • ???? Picnic Sandwich
  • ???? Club Sandwich
  • ???? Submarine Sandwich
  • ???? Reuben Sandwich
  • ???? Hoagie
  • ???? Dagwood