📠 Fax Machine


Scanned Information, Telephonic Transfer, Nostalgia, Fax, Wireless Transmission

📠 Meaning: A low angle description of a fax machine; with a creamish landline phone set equipped with a rectangular input at the bottom end and a couple of papers held on the top stand.

The 📠 Fax Machine, also known as ‘Fax’ in short (for Facsimile) represents information transfer using the telephone. It signifies nostalgic technology that may be used in some parts of the present world as well.

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How and When to Use the 📠 Fax Machine Emoji

  • If you’re posting something about wireless information transfer, 📠 could be one of the emojis in that context.
  • Speaking of wireless transfer, 📠 would be a beautiful emoji to use in the framework of telepathy. If you’re using a telepathy-based quote for your post or even texting someone about the telepathic connection you have with someone, you could use 📠 (yep, smart use cases).
  • Since fax machines transfer visual information in black and white formats, 📠 could be used to indicate just that. Be it a binary quote for your picture, a B&W filtered post, or even a conversation about life!
  • Examples, “Nothing is black or white 📠 It’s only made to seem like it is” or “Don’t have such polar conclusions! 📠 Have a wider approach to things”.

Other Names

  • 📠 Fax
  • 📠 Facsimile
  • 📠 Telecopying
  • 📠 Telefax
  • 📠 Telefacsimile