🪙 Coin


Money, Penny, Value, Finances, Saving, Piggy Bank, Silver/Gold Coin

🪙 Meaning: A round coin either made of silver or gold with the embossment of an eagle or the 🏛️ Classical Building emoji respectively. The 🪙 Coin emoji signifies money, earning, value, and the importance of saving money too. It suggests a drop in the ocean of finances.

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How and When to Use the 🪙 Coin Emoji

  • If someone’s been recklessly spending, and you take it upon yourself to grant them some monetary wisdom, you can use 🪙. For example, “Sure, the future is uncertain. But aimlessly spending is not the solution. Save up before it’s too late🪙”.
  • If you’re sure of something happening and/or you’re betting on it, you can use 🪙 as a way of saying “A pound to a penny. Watcha got? 🪙”.
  • If you’re referring to an unpleasant/unwanted person or thing, use 🪙. For instance, “Let him go. He was a bad penny, anyway 🪙”.
  • Did someone give a long pause before they replied to your texts, while they were still online and pretty much on your chat? You could drop in the 🪙 emoji as a way of asking “So, what’s a penny for your thoughts?”
  • If you’re responding to something you’ve been witnessing/hearing about forever now, use 🪙 – “She got dumped again? Oh, boy. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that 🪙”.

Other Names

  • 🪙 Penny
  • 🪙 Money
  • 🪙 Silver Coin
  • 🪙 Gold Coin
  • 🪙 Nickel
  • 🪙 Bad Penny
  • 🪙 Penny Saved is Penny Gained
  • 🪙 Pound to Penny