🩴 Thong Sandal


Comfort, Beach Footwear, House Footwear, Flipflops, Casual, Thongs

🩴 Meaning: A flat footwear with a pair of converging straps that hold the back of the sole and the front together. On some platforms, this emoji is shown with the front view, and sometimes, the side perspective.

The 🩴 Thong Sandal emoji represents slippers, flip flops, sandals, and other flat footwear that generally evokes a casual sense of fashion. It could also suggest beach footwear.

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How and When to Use the 🩴 Thong Sandal Emoji

  • If someone’s talking trash or talking too much, you can use 🩴 to shut them up. Like, “Bro. Keep quiet before you get a slippery slap 🩴”. Essentially, a flipflop is used in some countries to whack someone.
  • Use 🩴 while posting pictures from your beach vacation. It could be a picture of you in flipflops, the sand, a video of someone running across the beach, or any other beach-related repost too.
  • If you’re sharing social media stories or posts of/from your arid holiday where shoes are a horrifying option to even think of, you can use 🩴 in those contexts. For example, “Flipflops for the save 🩴. Just cannot wear anything else here!”.
  • Throwing back to the first point, you could also use 🩴 in the contexts of something outrageous and something that makes you want to punch a wall or a person – “WHO allows people like this to have an opinion?! 🩴”.

Other Names

  • 🩴 Flipflop(s)
  • 🩴 Sandals
  • 🩴 Flat Footwear
  • 🩴 Slippers
  • 🩴 Home Footwear
  • 🩴 Beach Footwear
  • 🩴 Thongs
  • 🩴 Pluggers
  • 🩴 Japanese Sandals