🪘 Long Drum


Musical Instrument, Traditional Instrument, Tree Trunk Instrument, Tubular Drum

🪘 Meaning: A long, vase-shaped drum with a wide mouth and a tapering design, sealed on both ends and overall designed with a lacing strap. On some platforms, this emoji is shown tilted to the right side.

The 🪘 Long Drum emoji represents a traditional musical instrument used in parts of Native America, Africa, and Thailand. Apart from signifying music, it also evokes an earthy essence given its material (tree trunks).

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How and When to Use the 🪘 Long Drum Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a post related to long drum music, such as a viral video, a heartwarming video, a meme, a gif, anything, you can use 🪘 in the caption.
  • 🪘 can be used in the general context of ‘drums’; an informative post, a news post, a personal picture/video, anything.
  • If there’s a concert that uses long drums as part of the orchestra that you’ve been waiting for and excited about, you can use 🪘 while sharing social media stories, posts, or even a hyped up message to your buddies. Like, “Yooooooo. We HAVE to go for this!!!!🪘”.
  • You can also use 🪘 to refer to other drums that look like or function like a long drum, like a classical musical instrument used in your country or culture.
  • Use 🪘 in your social media profile if you’re a drummer, generally or specifically for long drums.

Other Names

  • 🪘 Drum
  • 🪘 Tubular Membranophone
  • 🪘 Tree-Trunk Instrument
  • 🪘 Instrument Made of Tree-Trunk
  • 🪘 Traditional Instrument
  • 🪘 Tabla
  • 🪘 Tubular Drum
  • 🪘 Floor Tom