🪧 Placard


Message, Billboard, Protest March, Empowerment, Support, Revolution, Movement

🪧 Meaning: A white, rectangular board with a wooden pole stuck to it at the back. The 🪧 Placard emoji represents an articulated representation of a word, phrase, or a signboard. It could signify a movement, protest, a rally for a cause, anything to do with a revolution irrespective of the scale.

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How and When to Use the 🪧 Placard Emoji

  • While posting or reposting anything related to a protest or a rally march, you can use 🪧 in the caption. It would intensify the emotion of the post. For example, “Women will blow the roof above your glass ceiling 🪧”.
  • You can also use 🪧 to denote a sense of support towards someone or something. It can be in a private conversation or even while reposting something you and the rest of your world are fighting for/against.
  • A placard also signifies a message. So, if you’re typing out a powerful and empowering caption for your picture, you can use 🪧 in it. Like, “Hustle, my hustler 🪧”.
  • Use 🪧 in the caption for pictures or videos of placards painted with motivating words or even colourful and meaningful pictures.

Other Names

  • 🪧 Signboard
  • 🪧 Billboard
  • 🪧 Board
  • 🪧 Activism
  • 🪧 Protest
  • 🪧 Rally
  • 🪧 Message For a Cause
  • 🪧 Words of Revolt

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